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By Bob Owens


I guess we need to keep hammering these points home:

  • a firearm is not a talisman against evil
  • merely possessing a firearm doesn’t make you safe if you lack the proper training and mindset
  • there’s a difference between “concealed” and concealed.

A poorly-trained Texas man learned these lessons the hard way in Denison Sunday night when he was disarmed and robbed with his own gun at a gas station in what appears to be a crime of opportunity.

A woman snatched a man’s legally concealed weapon and stole his wallet while the two were waiting in line at a Denison gas station Sunday night. Police eventually arrested the woman, Bobbie Renee Kelly, 36, of Tom Bean, for aggravated robbery.

The man, who is licensed to carry a handgun, was inside the Valero gas station at 1420 S. Austin Ave. With his wallet in-hand, the man walked up to the store counter to purchase an item at about 10:50 p.m. A 36-year-old woman came up behind him and saw the outline of a handgun tucked beneath his shirt. Denison Police Det. Tom Unerfusser said she lifted his shirt, unholstered the weapon and pointed it at the man.

“‘Hey lady, it’s loaded — there’s one in the …Read the Rest

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