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By Patriot Outdoor News

Women and men need the same information to learn to hunt—the skill set is the same regardless of gender.

Females get a certain amount of attention in the hunting community that our male counterparts typically don’t. Some of this attention is positive and some not. What strikes me as interesting is the attention females get from within our own community, not the attention from the anti-hunters. While I’m not going to speak to every type of attention that female hunters get (or even sometimes seek out), I do want to talk about a few things that females face that often go unaddressed. Take the following as a public service announcement filled with some level of sarcasm and comedy, but which is written in all seriousness. The information is coming from my own experiences and conversations that I have had with many female hunters.

I’m often asked to speak at events, and typically the topic is women hunters. When I ask for clarification and definitive discussion points, the usual response is something like: “Well, you know, talk to women about whatever they need to know about hunting.”

Though I almost always accept these events, I find it hard to not respond with: “Women and …Read the Rest

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