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By Bob Owens

action impact

A firing range in Michigan is rolling out a new force-on-force training model that allows students to use their own every-day carry (EDC) handguns, holsters, and live ammunition as they engage live, human opponents also armed with handguns and real ammunition.

A new gun training program uses real guns and real bullets to give trainees a feel for what it’s like to be in a real gun fight.

“It is the next evolution of training and it’s as close to real as you can possibly get,” says Bill Kucyk, the owner of Action Impact Gun Ranges. Kucyk will soon roll out the new training system for both civilians and those in law enforcement. The trainees and actors use real guns loaded with real bullets.

“For me, even having a ton of shooting experience, some of it – I don’t want to say goes out the window – but in a stress scenario you kind of stop thinking about all that,” says gun owner Stefan Bahri.

The unnamed training system here is brilliantly simple in concept, at least from what we can make out in the video report above.

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