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Pictures of a feral hog from California are going viral after a few people spotted something out of the ordinary. Although it appeared to be a run of the mill, average hog at the time, they were left utterly horrified when they went in for a closer look.

Photos of the incident were posted to Reddit, where a user explained that his in-laws own a ranch in Morgan Hill and shot a pig on the property. For those unaware, people in many parts of America has frequent run-ins with these pigs, which have effectively been deemed as pests on account of the damage they’re responsible for.

However, as the Redditor went on to explain, “They thought it (was) a normal pig until they cut it open.” After allowing for the pig’s blood to drain during the short trip back home on the ATV, it was finally time to prepare the meat, prompting the hunters to cut into the hog.

This is where things get interesting.

You can probably imagine their surprise to see a fluorescent blue color emerging from underneath the pig’s hide. In fact, the further they cut, the more they could see the odd color.

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