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By Bob Owens


Gun control supporters in South Carolina are attempting to exploit the murders of nine black church members by a white supremacist to push for more gun control even though the bill they’re pushing would have done nothing to stop the massacre.

Advocates of tighter background checks before gun purchases will converge on the State House Thursday, urging lawmakers to close the so-called “Charleston loophole.”

That loophole helped lead to the slaying of nine Charleston church members, gunned down during a Bible study last year, advocates of tighter gun-control laws say.

Accused shooter D___ R___*, charged with murder in the slayings, was able to buy a gun even though a background check had not been completed.

Authorities now have three days to complete background checks, intended to screen out would-be gun buyers who have criminal records. If a check is not completed within three days, however, a would-be purchaser can go ahead and buy a gun.

The pathetic pile of human waste who carried out this attack wasn’t able to get his gun (a Glock 41, for those who care) because the NICS background check system failed. He got his gun because of two completely different kind of failures within government.

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