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By Bob Owens


An activist and artist in Philadelphia named Maj Toure is pushing a campaign he’s calling “Black Guns Matter,” in hopes of convincing law-abiding urban citizens to obtain their concealed carry permits in order to fight back against crime in the very neighborhoods where it’s most prevalent.

Folks, I’m all for that.

WHAT IF we stopped trying to get guns off the streets and instead started licensing young men in Philly to legally pack heat?

Do I have your attention?

Yeah, Maj Toure got mine, too, when he suggested the idea, which he’s pitching through a campaign he’s calling Black Guns Matter. Catchy, right? And provocative.

Toure, 29, is a local activist and artist. In many ways, he’s also a walking, talking contradiction of what turns out to be an increasingly stereotypical idea of gun owners.

Toure is a young African American man who grew up in North Philadelphia watching the destruction caused by gun violence, but who nonetheless was attracted to firearms, and became an official, dues-paying NRA member and legal gun owner.

“The stigma, especially in an urban environment like Philly, is if you have a gun, you’re either law enforcement or the bad guy,” Toure said when we talked recently. “What we’re trying …Read the Rest

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