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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

fox theater in atlanta tells deputy in uniform to leave

Anti-gun paranoia is running rampant in recent years and there is no better example than this story.

An Atlanta deputy was not only in full uniform when he showed up at a Fox theater but he was also there to protect people (possibly a disturbing thought to some on the extreme left).

Jack Gilroy was only at the theater because he was escorting a group of elementary students to a show, but to an anti-gunner someone carrying a gun is always the bad guy.

According to the deputy was told he was not allowed to have a firearm on him.

When a security guard noticed that the Butts County sheriff’s deputy had a gun — his service pistol — holstered on his body, however, Gilroy was told he would either have to leave the weapon in his vehicle or wait outside. He chose the latter option, ultimately waiting outside of the venue for almost three hours until the program ended.

Though the security company reportedly called Gilroy to apologize and the Fox Theater released a statement indicating that it will be reviewing its weapons policy, Butts County Sheriff Gary Long made clear his displeasure with this incident.

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