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B&T USW-320 chassis stock folded angle

B&T USW-320 chassis right profile
B&T USW-320 chassis left profile
B&T USW-320 stock extended right profile
B&T USW-320 stock folded right profile
B&T USW-320 stock folded left profile
B&T USW-320 chassis disassembled

B&T has unveiled its new USW-320 Universal Service Weapon Upgrade Chassis. This cool new enhancement converts a Sig Sauer P320 or M17 service pistol into a B&T’s Universal Service Weapon configuration, with a folding stock included.

“Sig’s P320 striker-fired pistol is unique in that it gives the user complete modularity by allowing him or her to change frame size, fit and even caliber by simply swapping out the serialized trigger group,” Jon Scott, VP of Sales at B&T USA, said in a press release. “The USW-320 builds on this modularity by providing a chassis that adds the stability of a folding stock along with ambi controls and an integrated Picatinny/NAR accessory rail.”

Installing the USW-320 takes under two minutes, B&T claims. To do so, you remove the serialized trigger group from the P320 and drop it into the USW-320 upgraded chassis. You …Read the Rest

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