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By Ben Philippi

I’m always looking for exciting new ways to have some fun with my guns, and I think I’ve come up with what is quite possibly the ultimate DIY shotgun course. I want to share it with you.
You’ll need a little land or a friend with some. It’s best to have no neighbors for at least half a mile on three sides and ensure that it is safe to shoot on. You could also use a long driveway, again with no neighbors. Before doing any shooting, verify there are no people or animals out in the field. Always stay in contact with everyone involved to make sure the area is safe and clear before going hot.
An overview of the course. Who would have thought extreme fun could be so simple?
The course is pretty simple. It consists of water jugs sitting on pieces of wood or cinder blocks roughly 3 feet high and 20 yards apart. Wood, especially old blocks or timbers are ideal as they will tend to absorb more shot without the chance of a ricochet. Place them in two rows with a path down the middle for a vehicle to pass.
All of this serves as a starting point.


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