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By Robert Farago


As we’ve reported, the civilian disarmament industrial complex is preparing to mount a major assault on gun dealers. Sorry “bad apple” gun dealers. This on the heels of the recently introduced Gun Dealer Accountability Act, a piece of legislation that defines “bad apple gun dealers” as “federal firearms licensees who have transferred a firearm unlawfully or had 10 or more crime guns traced back to them in the preceding 2 years.” As you may have guessed, the “unlawfully” bit would make what’s already a crime more criminal. As for the “10 or more crime guns” stipulation, well, that’s self-evident, isn’t it? Not really . . .

The Act defines that term as “guns used in crimes.” In practice, the ATF could define an illegally possessed firearm as a gun used in a crime – the crime of illegal possession. If they recover a stolen gun – even without a criminal attached – it could still be a crime gun – the crime of theft. There could even be double-counting; one gun could be used in several crimes.

I know: I’m splitting hairs (something the ATF never does). The truth of the matter is that a successful gun store in …Read the Rest

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