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By Bruce W. Krafft


The Trace (“A new source of reporting and insight about guns in America”) has a regurgitation of Brady Bunch pabulum new piece out, which tries, once again, to declare that the science is settled and no further discussion is necessary; guns cause suicides. Okay, they don’t actually say that, but the piece, Why Suicide Prevention Depends on Gun Restrictions is based largely on the Brady Campaign’s report The Truth about Suicide and Guns which in turn is based largely on the Connecticut vs. Missouri study which I eviscerated here . . .

Last week the Brady Campaign released an extensively researched report titled “The Truth About Guns & Suicide,” kickstarting a long overdue conversation on the role firearms play in suicides. The Washington Post, for instance, called the phenomenon “The death toll from guns no one talks about,” noting that suicide accounts for two-thirds of the 30,000-plus gun deaths each year in the U.S.

First of all, whaddaya mean no one talks about it? In virtually every anti-gun polemic you will see suicides lumped together with homicides. Every time you see 30,000 a year (or 83 a day or 1,162 a fortnight) die from gun violence they …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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