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By Don McDougall

Gun Violence

by Don McDougall : Opinion
**Warning: These FACTS will get you called a racist.**

The Truth About Gun Violence : IMG YouTube
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

U.S.A.-( The sources for this article is all published data. I’ve even added a reading list for those skeptics who want to learn more. Let’s look at the actual numbers.

  • 53% of all firearm-related murders are by black men under 30. That’s 3% of the population doing more than ½ of the killing.
  • 80%+ of all FRM (Firearm-Related Murders) are gang or drug related. (Most current numbers are 86%)
  • 51% of all FRM happen in 2% of the counties.
  • 54% of all counties had ZERO murders.

So let’s be blunt. Murders with guns a rare and an unlikely event unless you live in an inner city, are dealing drugs, or you belong to a gang.

What happens to the murder rate in the US if you eliminate Gang and Drug related murders? If you do this, the U.S. has one of the lowest murder rates in the world!

The math isn’t hard to do to. According to the FBI, there are 8,124 murders with guns every year. Now remove the drug and gang related shooting, and that …Read the Rest

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