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By Robert Farago

Eulalio Tordil (courtesy

I was wondering how Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop arm would spin the fact that Homeland Security cop Eulalio Tordil murdered three people despite the fact that a court had ordered him to surrender his guns. A reasonable person might conclude that Tordil’s ability to secure a gun after the judge’s ruling reveals the utter futility of court-ordered gun confiscation. Trace writer Dan Friedman ain’t that kind of guy. Here’s his take . . .

Two months [before Tordil killed his wife and went postal] he had surrendered at least 10 guns under a judge’s order issued after Tordil’s wife accused him of physically and sexually abusing his family.

But Tordil, a Federal Protective Service officer, kept at least one weapon when he handed in the rest of his arsenal: a .40-caliber Glock he allegedly used to carry out the shootings on May 4 and 5.

Tordil bought the gun legally in Las Vegas in 2014, said State’s Attorney John McCarthy at a hearing on Monday where Tordil was denied bond.

Tordil kept the weapon by exploiting a weakness in state and federal laws designed to keep domestic abusers from using weapons: Local law enforcement had no way of knowing he …Read the Rest

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