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By Robert Farago

Adam Weinstein (courtesy Twitter)

You gotta love The Trace. ‘Cause I sure don’t. Well, I do, a little. I love how they state the pro-gun position at the top of their post Why Military Security Experts Know That Arming All Troops Is Not the Answer. “The argument that all military service members should be armed with guns to protect themselves — proffered by GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump in the wake of the shooting deaths of four Marines and a sailor last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee — is so basic that there’s not much argument to it at all.” See? You can’t ask for more than that. Unfortunately, we get more than that. But first, writer Adam Weinstein [above] serves-up more on-target pro-gun logic. Like this . . .

Railing against “gun-free zones” last Friday, Trump summed the case up in this way: “This sick guy had guns and shot them down. These are decorated people. These are people who could have handled guns very easily. They would have had a good chance if they had a gun.” In making their cases, the presidential hopefuls echoed a Connecticut car repairman whose shop is near a military recruiting …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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