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By Brandon

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

The biggest mistake a concealed carrier can make: dying at the hands of an aggressor. Only not really. Let’s be honest. You could do everything right in an attack and still be killed. By the same token, you could do everything wrong and live. Concealed carry is a game of playing the odds. The better prepared you are, the greater your chances of emerging victorious. Just how much thought and training you put into carrying is up to you. But here are three common mistakes that can get you killed . . .

1. Not carrying your gun

The first rule of winning a gunfight: have a gun. I know plenty of people who have a concealed carry permit (a Constitutional infringement but don’t get me started) who only carry occasionally. They tool-up when they’re going downtown. Or when they’re carrying large amounts of money. Or when they’re with their family.

One simple thing to keep in mind: it’s not up to you when a bad guy attacks. It’s up to them. And they don’t make appointments. While bump-in-the-night scenarios get a lot of attention — and generate lots of shotgun sales — many …Read the Rest

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