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By Robert Farago

Last year was the Texas Firearms Festival’s debut. It was a hit! More than 2000 shooters journeyed to Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill to sample firearms from dozens of manufacturers. In our exit poll, ninety percent of our visitors said they’d be back for 2015. But we didn’t rest on our ballistic laurels. We listened to every suggestion our ticket holders made and worked hard to solve every issue, from check-in troubles, to line length at the rifle range, to the insufficient number of retailers hawking their wares. For 2015 . . .

We’re no longer using computers at check-in. All you have to do is present your ID. A check-in person will get your color-coded wrist band from a packet. Done.

We’ve split the SB-Tactical Rifle Range into two. There will be two separate lines, entrances and exits. We’ve also made sure that manufacturers bring multiple examples of the same gun (to keep things moving quickly). We’ve trained our staff to recommend alternatives if the lines get too long. (TrackingPoint is not with us this year, which will also help.)

We moved The Range at Austin …read more

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