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By Caleb

Being at tech school on one of the largest joint bases in the states, I’m constantly bombarded with tactical advertising and products. Of all the players, Under Armour has their fingers in the most pies, offering everything from sunglasses to shirts and socks. Oddly, Under Armour doesn’t offer boots in sage green, preventing me from having a uniform made entirely of UA gear.

What’s oddly noticeable is Nike’s lack of presence in the tactical clothing market. While you’d think that Nike would want a piece of the market for gear that goes under the uniform. Sand t-shirts and boot socks being the big two, obviously. But instead, they recently discontinued their pro combat line in military colors, effectively conceding that area of the market to their competitors. However, unlike UA, Nike is huge in the boot market, with their Special Field Boot enjoying tremendous popularity. I see SFB on quite a few people when I’m out and around the base.

There are other players too, but none with a presence as big as UA. What’s interesting to me about all this is how most of the other players have basically conceded the .mil/tactical market to UA. But why? …read more

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