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By Justin Stakes

Concealed Carry Teachers

By Andrew Scott

The Staggering Safety of Living With Concealed Carry Holders Among Us
A&A Ammunition
A&A Ammunition

Tucson, AZ -(

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been called “paranoid” for carrying a gun or defending the 2nd Amendment I most certainly wouldn’t be driving around my beater of a truck.

This seems to be the fallback for anti-gun zealots, an accusation they feel is so self-evident that they don’t feel the need to back it up with evidence (which is good for them, because there’s no evidence to back it up).

Interestingly enough, this point always seems to be brought up when anti-gunners talk about their fear of the pro-gun community.

Take for example this recent blog post by Huffington Post writer Carter Gaddis, that went viral, in which a father describes his instant fear and apprehension at seeing an NRA decal. Or there’s the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence encouraging their followers to (criminally) call the police on anyone they see with a firearm, whether open or conceal carried, to “protect the safety of your loved ones.”

It seems to me as though we’re not the paranoid ones – they are.

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