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By Dan Zimmerman

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Reader Denny Y. writes:

Prior to the recent attacks in Paris, most of the public discussion surrounding guns has had to do with lone, deranged shooters. The post-event analyses have focused on how the killers obtained their guns and what motivated their actions. Then there have been the knee-jerk attempts to propose legislative solutions that purport to prevent future occurrences by restricting access to guns. The Paris attacks, however, exposed the flaw in this narrow way of thinking. They were carried out by trained, determined foreign fighters with complete disregard for France’s strict anti-gun laws. It was an act of war, not “gun violence” . . .

The framers of the Constitution wrote the Second Amendment after winning a war against a foreign army. At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, there was no American army. There were just farmers, doctors, blacksmiths, teachers, carpenters, and other professionals and tradespeople – most of whom owned guns. In writing the Second Amendment, the framers codified the importance of an armed and well-trained (that’s what “well-regulated” meant in the 18th century) populace as a means of defense against enemies on American soil.

In contrast, the Paris attacks illustrate the vulnerability of a people who have been …Read the Rest

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