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By Luke C.

Hello and welcome back to another edition of The Rimfire Report! This ongoing series is all about the rimfire firearm world and its many different types of guns, gear, and ammo! Last week we talked about one of Federal Ammunition’s most popular hunting cartridges. The 38-grain copper plated hollow point is a fairly decent budget rimfire pest control round. When it came to my testing, I found it to have acceptable accuracy at 50 yards for small game applications, and it had a decent standard deviation in the velocity department of about 17 fps. This week we’re moving on to one of CCI’s more obscure 22LR loadings – Quiet-22 40-grain Segmented Hollow Point ammunition. Another round designed for small game hunting and pest control duty, CCI Quiet-22 takes the opposite approach to the 38-grain Federal CPHP and goes well below the subsonic threshold – but how does this approach translate to accuracy and consistency out of our B14R test platform? Let’s find out in this next ammo test!More Rimfire Report @ TFB: The Rimfire Report: Federal Game-Shok 38gr CPHP

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