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By Ben Philippi

The Pocket Hammer is a badass little slingshot that features a rubber pocket instead of the traditional straps. You just drop your ammo in, pull the pocket back and let go. Pow!
You can shoot pretty much anything out of the Pocket Hammer. However, included in the box that was sent to us for this review, was a bag of 100 5/16″ steel ball bearings. They are approximately .30 caliber and weigh around 70 grains. They work perfectly in the Pocket Hammer.
It’s also possible to shoot arrows from the Pocket Hammer with a special pocket and quiver. You need to order the special arrows from Pocket Hammer. For this review, however, I’m focusing only on firing the steel balls.
I filled a bunch of aluminum cans with water and set them up to see what kind of damage I could inflict upon them with the Pocket Hammer. I shot from ten yards away.
Now I haven’t shot a slingshot in years, so I was a little rusty. But still, within a half dozen shots, I was starting to pick them off like a pro. The ball comes out of the Pocket Hammer at around 350 feet per second. That’s enough for the balls to


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