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By CN Staff

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By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG

You may have seen headlines over the past week screaming that the NRA is allegedly running out of money. You probably laughed and thought, how could the NRA be broke? It probably won’t surprise you to learn that those breathless reports aren’t exactly accurate. You might even call those headlines #fakenews.

The NRA isn’t in imminent danger of running out of cash. But that doesn’t mean that the gangster-style tactics employed against the organization by the state of New York aren’t a significant threat to its health.

If you’ll remember, in an effort to squeeze the NRA during the height of the post-Parkland hysteria, New York pressured the company that underwrote the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance program to drop their coverage. As a fig leaf for their strong-arm move, the state claimed that the insurance product provided protection to gun owners for committing illegal acts. They called Carry Guard “murder insurance.”

A DFS investigation found that the NRA Carry Guard insurance program provided insurance to gun owners for acts of intentional wrongdoing, and improperly provided insurance coverage …Read the Rest

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