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By Jenn Jacques

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Enough with the background check talk.

They don’t do anything but pander to people’s desire for everyone to follow the rules. It’s ridiculous. They’re simply pushing nonsense so they can pass some legislation to stand their pride on.

This isn’t about any kids – it’s about politics.

Let’s say they get their universal background checks system. What exactly would be accomplished? Aside from completely bogging down the background check system that was trash to begin with.

These universal background checks aren’t stopping criminals from getting guns, but they definitely will help the government create a national registry on all gun owners. All you would have done was make it harder for the good people to get guns and easier for future governments to take them away from those good people.

Meanwhile, Bebo Badass is walking around with a Glock 17 with no serial number playing Duck, Duck, Goose to determine his next victim. But this isn’t a surprise. Universal background check proponents will say it themselves, universal background checks won’t stop criminals from getting guns – they might make it harder, but it won’t stop them.

Anti-gunners treat universal background checks like prescription medication commercials, where the medication will stop acid reflux but possible side effects …Read the Rest

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