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By Patriot Outdoor News

What can we learn from this? A few random thoughts:

First of all, if the claims of responsibility bear out, then we have to accept that ISIS is, contrary to Barack Obama’s claims on Friday morning, nowhere near contained. This group managed to get eight operatives into Paris to conduct an attack on par with the one in Mumbai almost seven years ago, and that attack took place a day after a significant attack in Beirut. Can anyone seriously believe that this is the only cell that ISIS has planted?

Second, when seconds matter, police will take minutes to arrive. According to reports, four of the attackers in the Bataclan Theater, where an American band was performing, spent at least twenty minutes firing into the hostages before French cops stormed the building. The good news is that in the United States, most states have passed “shall-issue” or “constitutional carry” laws. As an Uber driver in Chicago, an off-duty security guard in Clackamas, a doctor in Philadelphia, and a former police officer in Colorado Springs, among others, have proven, an armed citizen can mitigate, if not stop a mass shooting. We can also note, for the record, that France’s gun laws, which make …Read the Rest

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