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By John Farnam

Fighting the native American Indians War


The Patuxet Tribe had been severely marginalized by the more powerful Wampanoags, and they were thus desperately looking for allies, particularly military allies, most specifically military allies with superior technology.

Ft Collins, CO –-(

Fighting the native American Indians War

There wasn’t much of an “intermission” of wars.

There never is.

The prepared, innovative, determined, audacious, organized, and well-armed sometimes prevail.

The weak, confused, conflicted, vain, and unready never did, and their progeny died with them.

The “Law of War!”

We had no home front
We had no soft soap
They sent us Playboy
They gave us Bob Hope
We dug in deep
And shot on sight
And prayed to Jesus Christ
With all of our might

Remember Charlie
Remember Baker
They left their childhood
On every acre
And who was wrong?
And who was right?
None of that matters in the thick of the fight!

~ From “Goodnight Saigon,” written and sung by Billy Joel in 1982


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