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By Chris Eger

This .22LR was crafted by Mr. P. P. Belt of Fredonia, Kansas when he wasn’t busy with other inventions and was “dieselpunk” before that was even a think. (Photo: Rock Island)
This seriously interesting handgun, which looks like something right out of a 1930s Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon serial, is likely a one of a kind pistol from a Renaissance man.
Rock Island has it up for auction this week (estimated price $100-$200) and you will probably not find another like it. Crafted by one Mr. P. P. Belt of Fredonia, Kansas, it is a .22 LR semi-auto that accepts Colt Woodsman magazines — why reinvent the wheel on the latter, right? The barrel is 5.5-inches long and the rimfire action is contained in the rear of the receiver. The cocking handle is on the right-hand side. The piece has wood grips, a large bladed front sight, and rear notch. The flat trigger profile and low bore axis would surely be a hit today.
Belt seemed like an interesting fellow in a Tom Swift kind of way. The Biographical Record of Jasper County, Missouri describes him as a jeweler and machinist in Fredonia (current pop just over 2,000.) He is listed on


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