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By Tom McHale

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By Tom McHale

Note from the author: This article was written and submitted before the unspeakable terrorist attack in Orlando, Dallas and Nice. We in no way want to diminish the seriousness of this attack by comparing it to media coverage of street crime or anything other than what it is. When our country suffers a major terrorist attack, I fully expect the news media to cover it in depth, but as exactly what it is – a major terrorist attack. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re seeing, but that’s another story. Our thoughts and prayers are for those families in Orlando, Dallas and Nice, FR. My hope is that after the emotion settles, we can have rational and productive discussion on how to prevent and stop further terrorist attacks like this one. Unfortunately, you know, as well as I do, that many will look to fear-based, feel-good, knee-jerk solutions that won’t accomplish anything, and may even prompt more aggressive attacks in the future. I’ll be doing my best to educate those in my circle of influence and I hope you will as well.

Tom McHale

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