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By Chris Eger

Overall, the firearms shown off by Canadian authorities were pretty pedestrian, although some were decidedly older than the norm. (Photos: RCMP & Winnipeg Police)
The Canadian prairie province extended a month-long offer to pick up unwanted guns and ammo from the public that produced some interesting, if vintage, hardware.
Announced with great fanfare at the beginning of June by the Winnipeg Police and the Mounties, the province’s 3 million Manitobans were encouraged to place a call to local authorities if they had munitions they no longer wanted. Under the terms of the amnesty, those with unregistered or illegal guns or ammo wouldn’t be charged unless the weapon was tied to a crime or stolen.
“We encourage everyone across the province who has firearms or ammunition they simply don’t need or want, to participate in the Gun Amnesty Program,” said Scott Kolody, assistant commissioner for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. “By turning in your unwanted firearm, you are removing a potential hazard and helping to make your home and your community safer.”
While a similar program brought in 300 weapons and “more than 74 boxes or bags of ammunition” last year, the results of this year’s event, announced this week, blew the old figure away,


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