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By Ammoland

Defense Training International, Inc

By John Farnam

The Future of Policing in the USA?
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( American police have, since I can remember, taken great pride in providing immediate help to people who really needed them.

We call it “proactive policing.” We respond quickly to calls for help. We aggressively patrol and make arrests, getting VCA (violent criminal actors), drunk drivers, and child-molesters locked-up where they can’t hurt anyone. We lock bad people up, so good and decent people can live in peace and safety.

Eventually, we parade them before a judge.

That entire philosophy is now changing!

Liberal, big-city mayors are now prosecuting police who do their job. Ever anxious to impress their criminal voting-base, they make their own police department a target for scorn and persecution, criticizing everything they do, firing good officers and threatening the rest.

Most officers still on the job have now figured it out. The answer is simple: Stop trying to help people. Do nothing!

Confine yourself to report-taking, but don’t inconvenience criminals, whatever you do!

What we’re going to see happen nationwide, as it is in places like Baltimore and NYC right now, is that police are no longer going to respond to calls with …read more

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