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By gunwriter Big game hunting is really a very simple endeavor. One we have complicated with gear and boundless minutia. You find an animal, work yourself into a shot, take it, and then the work starts. I remember when I was a teenager my hunting gear consisted of a boots, military surplus clothing, a rifle, a knife and a hat. I didn’t have a rattle bag, a rangefinder, a bottle of deer pee or a ballistic APP on my phone. Hell, I had no idea I’d ever take a telephone hunting. Of course today we’ve all been convinced we need all sorts of stuff. And, not only do we need all that stuff, we need a pack to carry it in. I’ve seen guys carry a 30-pound pack to an elevated deer blind. They’ll set there all morning with half of the gear Cabela’s sells at their feet, while they scroll through some program on their phone to help them find deer. So, with all this foolishness in mind, I’ve created the Empty Cases’ Guide to Big Game Hunting in 22 Steps. It has three things going for it. It’s short. It’s free. And, it’s on the Internet, which means you can …read more

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