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Tracy Joyner, a mother of two, has been an education professional for years, having taught second-grade at a small private school in Camden, Georgia. Her husband lives and works in New York City, but Tracy and her sons still reside in Georgia, and the family is reunited when they get breaks from school.

Tracy has homeschooled her son Chance since he was in elementary school. Living in rural Georgia, firearms are a necessity for home protection from wildlife. As such, Tracy knew she needed to teach her kids gun safety starting at a young age, and chose the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to help her get started. Ever since she began this journey, she has emphasized the importance of the program to her friends and family.

Why did you decide to teach your son about gun safety through the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program?

I taught second-grade for a while where I had permission from the principal to teach Eddie Eagle. When I started homeschooling my son, the program resurfaced.

One day I was going through my filing cabinet and I found an Eddie Eagle comic book from when I was teaching and my son loved it! When we finished …Read the Rest

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