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By Eric R. Poole


G&A: You guys are both golfers if we’re not mistaken. If you had to choose one activity for the rest of your life, what would you do: shoot guns or golf?

Willie: I can’t end up eating after playing a round of golf, so I choose shooting.

Jase: If someone said we’re going to take your guns or golf clubs, I’d say, Here’s my golf clubs.

duck-dynasty-21G&A: How big was your first deer?

Willie: My first deer was a doe, and they don’t get very big down here. We used to not have any property, so dad would drop me off and have me sit and hunt off a tree stump.

Jase: I do not remember, but I was young. I only deer hunt for supper and use my deer tags for the best tasting deer. Everyone lets me hunt their stands because I always pass on big bucks.

G&A: What does the 2nd Amendment mean to you?

Willie: We are a family that hunts and works in the gun business. It’s our life and our livelihood. We’ve always been about the Second Amendment.

Jase: The Second Amendment means freedom to me, freedom to provide for your family and protect yourselves from evil.

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