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By Bob Owens


Economist John Lott noted that this has been a grim month for U.S. law enforcement, and that it might have been even worse if armed citizens had not stepped up in support of law enforcement officers in danger.

In the past month, criminals have murdered six police officers in the line of duty. The number might have been eight if not for the actions of two concealed handgun permit holders.

At this rate, police deaths could be way up this year compared to previous years. By this time last year, only one officer had been murdered. While Republican presidential candidates such as Cruz, Rubio and Trump have spoken out forcefully about police shootings, Democrats have been silent.

You’ve probably heard on the news when at least one of these officers has been killed. But you almost certainly haven’t heard about concealed handgun permit holders stepping forward to protect officers.

— Last month, a drunken man attacked a deputy sheriff near Austin, Texas. As the deputy relates what happened, “I remember thinking ‘stay in the fight. Just keep fighting, keep fighting. Do whatever you can do, just stay alive you need to go home.’” The deputy ended up having his gun taken away …Read the Rest

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