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By James England

When you show up to the gun store for the first time and pick up a concealed carry pistol, you may be disappointed to learn that without some other items, that pistol is going to be worthless. Yes, it sure looks intimidating sitting in that plastic case. Those magazines, empty, certainly do load and eject rather easily into the magazine well.

But carrying a concealed handgun is just a step in the process.

In this article, we’ll discuss the items you absolutely need, the items I recommend, and other considerations for your everyday carry setup.

Step 1: Gun & Permit

Before you leave the house, you need a gun. And, in most states, in order to carry that handgun concealed, you’re going to need a permit. The permitting process in each state varies widely — with some allowing you to carry without a permit and others requiring a lengthy process that includes mandatory training and fingerprinting.

Figure out the process, get the permit, and start carrying the gun.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Everyday Concealed Carry Rig

Now, we’re going to refer to all the items in your concealed carry setup as your ‘rig’. It’s a common term thrown around in the firearms community. It refers to …Read the Rest

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