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By Jacki Billings

Bravo Concealment delivers the D.O.S. holster, offering a wallet friendly kydex holster option. (Photo: Jacki Billings/
Bravo Concealment delivers a basic yet budget friendly approach to concealment, offering a range of holsters for value driven prices. The Drop Out-Of-Sight holster, or D.O.S. as it’s known, is one such offering from the holster company. A Kydex design, the D.O.S. looks to fill that sub $50 molded holster market. In order to get a better grasp on how well the D.O.S. fulfills that role, I got my hands on a D.O.S. model built for the Smith & Wesson Shield chambered in 9mm.
Bare Bones
The D.O.S. adopts a minimalistic approach to concealment, ditching trendy features in favor of a more simplistic design. The inside-the-waistband rig features a molded, Kydex shell set against two clips that mount to the wearer’s belt. An all-black style, rigorous detail has been added to the shell accommodating for each and every nook, cranny and groove on the 9mm Shield. This design equates to one significant bonus for the holster – retention – but more on that later.
The D.O.S. shell is enclosed on the muzzle end, ending any hopes of a threaded barrel or muzzle device; then again, the hope of


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