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The Best Week Of My Life - NRA Youth Education Summit

by Kaitlyn Callaway, 2017 YES Participant Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog

The Best Week Of My Life – NRA Youth Education Summit

USA -( This summer I experienced the most impactful, influential and memorable week of my life at the NRA Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.). I and 46 other high school students were granted the most wonderful opportunity to participate in this expense-paid, week-long program. While the program centers around competition for scholarship money, anyone who has participated will tell you it is much more than that. Trends emerged and wove throughout the entire week: a deepened pride for our roots, a strengthened appreciation for our differences and similarities as citizens, and a sense of comradery and family among the students.

Growing up I saw pictures of Mount Vernon at sunrise, the Lincoln Memorial illuminated by lights, and the Capitol Building busy with people. But not until I was there, standing in the awe of these great architectural feats, did I realized why we learn about them as children. These are not just buildings and statues but our history – my history. As I heard the guides tell us stories of bloodshed, of irony and of …Read the Rest

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