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By GDC Staff

As handgun hunting’s popularity continues on a meteoric rise, more options hit the market each year. Whether hunters favor semi-automatic pistols or the more traditional revolvers, there are ample choices for the shopping hunter. Check out any of these that are sure to put the knockdown on game animals.
Nosler M48 Independence – $1,750

The brand new Nosler M48 Independence single-shot, bolt-action handgun represents the best-of-the-best in terms of ultimate accuracy in a hunting handgun. The 15-inch barrel has a threaded muzzle for either a suppressor or brake. The handgun’s exceptional two-stage trigger rivals that of target rifles, and an aluminum chassis-style stock rounds out the package. Each handgun is machined and built from US made parts by the gunsmiths in Bend, Oregon.
The Independence is not cheap, but it exudes all-American quality and easily shoots sub-MOA groups to match. In fact, in the hands of a capable handgunner, the M48 will outshoot many rifles.
Ruger Super Redhawk – $820

Ruger’s revolvers have made solid hunting sidearms for decades. The newer Ruger Super Redhawk wheelguns are no exception.  The top choice here has long been the .44 Magnum, but now Ruger also chambers the Super Redhawk in the more commonly hyped pistol 10mm round as


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