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By Bryana Gordon


Aiming, defined as “to direct (a weapon or camera) at a target,” is the most important aspect of shooting. It’s one thing to fire off a bunch of rounds; it’s another thing to shoot accurately. If proper aiming is your goal, begin by figuring out your dominant eye.

Determining eye dominance is a critical step in becoming a better shooter. Discovering yours is an easy task that takes only seconds.

Eye dominance plays an important role in shooting. If you are left-eye dominant and shooting right handed, it’s not very likely that you will hit the target. Luckily, there is a simple test to figure this out. With your arms fully extended, cross your hands to make a triangle between your thumbs and index fingers, and center the triangle around an object of your choosing. Once the object is centered in your triangle, shut your left eye. Is the object still centered? If so, that means you are right-eye dominant. If the reverse takes place and closing your right eye keeps the object centered, then you are left-eye dominant. Just because you’re right handed doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right-eye dominant. Once you have your dominant eye figured out, there are several other …Read the Rest

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