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By Lee Williams

Happy Tuesday,Today Joe Biden will sign more executive orders aimed squarely at attacking lawful FFL dealers. That means YOUR local gun shops. All of it is designed to shore up his rabidly anti-gun base while doing absolutely NOTHING about out-of-control REAL gun crimes in Democrat run cities across America.Armed American Radio and Armed American News are here to bring you the latest updates from a gun rights perspective that the mainstream media will never touch. Make sure to share this newsletter with as many folks as you can reach. We’re all in this together, and as gun-hating, freedom-hating, Marxist Joe Biden is demonstrating today, this fight is far from over.If you’ve got news tips, please don’t hesitate to send them our way, too.Thanks for your continued support,Mark Walters, Host, Armed American Radio and Lee Williams. Editor, Armed American NewsNewsColorado news site calls for ‘shaming, humiliating and castigating’ gun ownersCCRKBA: Lesson from Germany is that strict gun laws can’t prevent tragedyCritics melting down as constitutional carry advances in FloridaIndianapolis Police have secretly funneled firearm data to ATF for more than 50 yearsRadioSunday with Alan Gottlieb-Court actions against gun grabbersSunday with Sheriff Kurt Hoffman-FL Constitutional Carry, national crimeAWR Hawkins live in Phoenix

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