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By gunwriter In December of 1983 the first Scout Rifle Conference was held at Gunsite. Its objective was the examination of the all-purpose utility rifle and how it might be improved upon in the future. This conceptualized general-purpose rifle came to be know as the Scout Rifle, and for the next 30 plus years, the term “scout rifle” has been misunderstood and bastardized by users and manufactures. On 10 July 2016 another Scout Rifle Conference will be conducted at Gunsite Academy but it will be missing a very important element: Jeff Cooper. So many might ask, why have a conference at all? Over the last several years we have seen a rise in the popularity of the Scout Rifle. We can speculate this might be because the prepper movement is driving the search for the one-rifle answer. Or maybe folks are just looking for a general-purpose utility type rifle that does not come with the fear of government confiscation or ridiculous regulation like we have recently seen in California. Or maybe, in 1999 Cooper foresaw what no one else did when he said, “This is the rifle of the future, and you can tell them I said so.”1 This Scout Rifle Conference …Read the Rest

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