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By TheFireArmGuy

When the military decided they were going to choose a different pistol from the long standing Beretta M9, several gun companies produced new or upgraded their current models to bid for that government contract. This competition created an exciting new market of “Compact” size handguns for both the military and civilian market. Of course, we now know the government chose the Sig Sauer P320 as the new Army sidearm so what does that mean for the civilian market? It means there is a whole new class of compact sized, striker fired, polymer framed pistols available for us to enjoy.

Now that so many “Wonder Nine” handguns are available on the civilian market, many people are deciding on which model will best suit their needs. I was able to review (with range time) five of the new or upgraded pistols that were released in 2017. Along with a safe full of other handguns in the compact class, we at Concealed Nation decided to break it down and offer what we feel are, “The 10 Best “Compact” 9mm Handguns for 2017.”

The requirements for this list is as follows:

  • Compact Size with a barrel length around 4”
  • Striker Fired Action
  • Polymer Frame
  • Double Stack Magazine that holds a …Read the Rest

    Source:: Concealed Nation

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