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By Bob Owens

TrackingPoint is a technology integration company known for marrying high-end precision rifles with sensors and software to create a weapon system that enables even novice shooters to make long range shots with a minimum of training.

It takes mere minutes to learn how to use the system and make accurate hits on targets moving up to 20 miles-per hour, up to a mile away.

Providing, of course, your rifle’s software hasn’t been hacked:

In the video demonstration for WIRED at a West Virginia firing range, Auger first took a shot with the unaltered rifle and, using the TrackingPoint rifle’s aiming mechanism, hit a bullseye on his first attempt. Then, with a laptop connected to the rifle via Wi-Fi, Sandvik invisibly altered the variable in the rifle’s ballistic calculations that accounted for the ammunition’s weight, changing it from around .4 ounces to a ludicrous 72 pounds. “You can set it to whatever crazy value you want and it will happily accept it,” says Sandvik.

Sandvik and Auger haven’t figured out why, but they’ve observed that higher ammunition weights aim a shot to the left, while lower or negative values aim it to the right. So on Auger’s next shot, …read more

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