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By Ammoland

Texas Already Has “Extreme Risk Protection Order” Laws

Opinion by Gary B. Wells

Texas Already Has “Extreme Risk Protection Order” Laws

Texas – -( Texas Governor Greg Abbott clearly indicated his lack of support for “Red Flag” or “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” after the Texas Senate Select Committee on Violence in School and School Security hearings last July.

Still, uninformed, anti-gun Texas legislators plan to present bills for such laws this coming year.

These legislators ignore the simple fact that Texas already has procedures to address the risks posed by persons who are a significant danger to themselves or others. These existing laws are significantly more comprehensive than any “Red-Flag” law, better balance due process requirements, and are consistent with the simple fact that the risks lie with the person, not the firearm. The key is recognizing that these laws already exist and understanding how they can be used to safeguard the person from harming themself or others.

Texas provides for the apprehension of a person believed to be dangerous, a timely evaluation of the person, and if necessary, the placement of that person in a mental health facility for treatment. The most relevant statutes provide for a non-warrant detention, a warrant detention, a protective custody order, and court-ordered mental health …Read the Rest

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