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By Justin Stakes

Frequently Asked Questions fro the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center
Frequently Asked Questions fro the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center
A&A Ammunition
A&A Ammunition

Tucson, AZ -( This article isn’t about guns.

This article isn’t about the 2nd Amendment.

As a matter of fact, whether you realize it or not, this debate is no longer about guns or the 2nd Amendment. It’s not about “assault rifles”, background checks, or even about terrorists. No, this debate has shifted focus completely, and very few realize it.

First of all, I wholeheartedly understand and appreciate the intent behind the Terrorist Watchlist legislation. It evokes an immediate, heartfelt reaction, as it should. How on Earth is it possible that a man who has pledged allegiance to ISIS and is in the FBI’s radar as a potential terrorist was able to walk into a gun store, pass a background check, and walk out with a semi-automatic rifle? And moreover, who on Earth wouldn’t want to close this seeming loophole, who would want this to remain a possibility in the future?

No one. That’s the truth. No one wants a terrorist to get his hands on a firearm, especially not on U.S. soil. No one in the NRA wants this to happen again, no gun owners want this …Read the Rest

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