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By Ammoland

Team Never Quit
Marcus Luttrell and friends firing on steel targets.
Team Never Quit
Team Never Quit

USA –-( Team Never Quit (TNQ) has put out a new line of ammunition to the market.

Marcus Luttrell, and his SEAL and other elite operator buddies, as well as many operators have a statement used often in their business – “Train like you fight.”

The question is how to do this in terms of ammunition in the civilian world.

To TNQ, they would make the argument, to do that the exact same way as the military operator. It is obviously quite hazardous to get out in the training environment an shoot at each other with live ammunition to prepare for duty or operational situations. As such, many approaches to training have been applied over the years from blanks or paint marking training rounds, to situational based training. On the Law Enforcement side, may officers like to ensure their training rounds are ballistically matched to their duty rounds to ensure the feel and shooting experience, as well as the bullet performance when fired have same point of aim, point of impact.

As the TNQ team evaluated the best way to go about training and …read more

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