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By Sara Tipton


Today was great day! It was not hot. In fact, it was a comfortable 75 degrees and sunny. What a perfect day to teach my four year-old daughter how to shoot her BB gun. Now, admittedly, she has shot this before, but it has been a little while. So we had to go over the lessons and the rules again . . .

I have always found that answering the questions as they arise, rather than skirt the issue or lie to a child, will actually help squash the dangerous curiosity that leads to gun accidents. This worked wonders with my son. Once he began to ask questions, I had him help me clean my EDC. Of course he now wants to help whenever I clean it, but he no longer asks me if he can shoot mommy’s gun or touch my gun or carry my gun for me. A simple explanation that he is too young to shoot, but can help clean the spring was all it took. Once he matures a little more, he will also get a BB gun of his own to learn to shoot.

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