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By Don Summers

The instant you meet Mike Cox, you’ll find he’s a no-nonsense guy who is an avid believer and supporter for our Second Amendment rights. He likes to say he is a perpetual student of the gun, especially handguns. We caught up with Mike on his working ranch in Driftwood, Texas, where, among other things, he teaches CCL classes. He launched Driftwood CHL in 2000 because he was concerned about peoples’ abilities to understand their gun rights. His desire for his students is to have a thorough awareness of the laws regarding the right to carry. He began teaching relatives and friends, but the word soon spread, and he now runs a full classroom and very well-equipped range to take students all the way through the Texas CCL course. He has estimated about 1,000 students each year that attend his classes. He is also the Director of License to Carry for the Texas State Rifle Association in addition to being on their board of directors.
Mike Cox, a Texas rancher and concealed handgun expert, chats with about everyday carrying. (Photo: Don Summers/
His every day carry of choice is the Sig Sauer P320C, 9mm. The P320C came to the U.S. market in


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