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By Ben Sanderson

The bill (H.J. Res. 44) to REPEAL Biden’s unconstitutional pistol brace rule is in peril.
Republicans POSTPONED today’s House Judiciary Committee vote on H.J. Res 44 after Democrats plotted to hijack the process to politicize the recent tragic shooting in Nashville.
We cannot allow the anti-gun lobby to pressure Republicans into delaying the vote on this critical bill even further – or even worse, canceling it altogether!
Instead, we should capitalize on this delay by urging Congress to actually DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM by passing additional legislation REPEALING gun free zones and arming teachers.
This is by far the most effective way to deter would-be mass shooters. No mass shooting has EVER occurred during school hours where armed teachers are present!
Last year, Rep. Thomas Massie introduced H.R. 7415, which would have allowed willing teachers to carry firearms in schools.
Because Rep. Massie sits on the House Judiciary Committee, he can easily take language from that bill and offer it as an amendment to any must-pass bill.
We need YOU to contact your Representative in the House right away. Depending on what party your Representative is, you’ll send them a different message:
If they’re a Republican, you’ll urge them to hold a vote on H.J. Res. 44 as

Source: Gun Owners of America

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