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By Bob Owens

Spy Optic Quanta

In the past couple of years I discovered that street signs and even the captions on the television in my living room were getting fuzzy. While my laptop screen was nice and clear, mounting minor inconveniences in my vision suggested it was time for prescription glasses to deal with farsightedness that was getting more pronounced.

My local optometrist did a nice job setting me up with a stylish pair of glasses to wear around town last year, but those wire-frame glasses aren’t impact resistant, and they don’t provide near enough coverage to be something I’d ever dream of wearing at the range.

I was able to get away with wearing my excellent non-prescription Revison Miltary Hellfly and Stingerhawks until earlier this summer, when I started noticing that the front sight on my rifles and pistols simply weren’t sharp anymore.

It was time to upgrade to prescription shooting glasses.

Like so many folks, I fired up my web browser and did a search for “prescription shooting glasses,” and after scanning my way about halfway down the page I clicked on the link for Tactical Rx… and I’m glad I did.

Like you, I tend to skim through web sites and …Read the Rest

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