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By Rebecca Thomas


Glossy and vibrant, the objects glistened like fresh lipstick. These striking polymer-coated bullets, packaged in a shade more at home on Marilyn Monroe than a modern projectile, are the newest development from the wizards at Federal Premium/American Eagle. Called Syntech (Synthetic Jacket Technology), this ammunition is the culmination of four years of engineering and more than a million rounds of testing.

The appearance may be unusual, but then again, so is the performance. Compared to traditional jacketed bullets, Syntech is cleaner shooting, safer to use and, because the polymer coating generates 12 percent less friction in the barrel, is easier on firearms.

So what’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Fantastic Plastic
Let’s compare the new Syntech projectile with traditional range bullets that consist of a lead core encapsulated in a copper jacket. This design is simple and effective. Yet time-tested does not mean ideal. Copper-jacketed bullets cause a few problems for shooting.


Syntech’s polymer jacket completely encapsulates the lead core, reducing friction by 12 percent and barrel heat by 14 percent.

Most steel targets have a minimum safe distance of 25 yards due to a phenomenon called “spall,” where the bullet shatters on impact and small pieces go everywhere. The …Read the Rest

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